Floor Cushion Cover - Purple Elephant - FC13

Floor Cushion Cover - Purple Elephant - FC13

Summer Beach Styles

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Our beautiful round mandala floor cushion covers are prefect for your home, the beach, on a picnic, in your garden, on a balcony, tent, even in a child's room or nursery.
These stunning cushions are made from 100% Indian cotton and hand dyed with a natural vegetable dye. The measures approximately 80cm across with a heavy duty zip on the under side.
PLEASE NOTE:  This is a Pillow COVER only as it is to hard to post full. You can fill them up with pillow fill, hobby fill, or bean bag fill. We have used a 1kg bag of hobby fill that was purchased from Spotlight for about $17.00
*PLEASE NOTE: Due to them being hand printed, there is likely be small imperfections. These may include slight running of dye, small paint spots, slight print imperfections etc. We stand by our products and only sell the highest quality, though keeping in mind that flaws are part of their uniqueness and handmade beauty.

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