Hand Painted Wooden Mandala Serving Boards

These beautiful hand painted wooden mandala serving boards have been sealed so you can put food on them. They are perfect for serving chopped up cheeses, breads, antipasto, anything your heart desires, you can also use them just as a display or hang them on the wall. 
Each one is unique as they are hand painted so there will never be one the same, they may come close but never exact.

If you see one you like and it is out of stock, please send us a message and I can paint one up for you. also if you like a design but want it on a different board or a different colour then that can be done as well.
Care Instructions
  • Please don't cut on the picture as they are sealed and this will break the seal and could damage the picture.  You can cut on the wood part of the boards though
  • Please hand wash with a soft cloth